MP USA BASIC curriculum - White and Yellow Belt

Everything you need to know to earn your MP USA Yellow and Orange Belts! | taught by Mas' Mike and Nate Zeleznick
Mas' Mike and Nate Zeleznick
Mas' Mike and Nate Zeleznick
Chief U.S. Instructors

Utah brothers Nate and Mike Zeleznick have over 50 combined years of experience teaching martial arts to students of all ages.  As the first-ever non-Indonesians allowed to learn the Royal martial art of Merpati Putih, they have dedicated their lives for the past 22 years to imparting the martial arts, energy work, breathwork, meditation, healing, and extra-sensory (Vibravision®) knowledge to all who proved themselves worthy of the knowledge.  Handed down within the Royal family of Java, Indonesia for roughly 400 years, released to the Indonesian public in 1963 (but still forbidden to be taught to Non-Indonesians), and finally allowed to be shared with Western society by the Zeleznick's, this art is unique in the martial realm.  Come join us on your journey through the MP USA belt ranks as you discover more confidence, integrity, self-esteem, strength, and power in your life.
Welcome to MP USA.  Your new, more powerful YOU awaits!

Course Curriculum